Make consistent profits from bingo and casino offers

Matched betting doesn’t just stop at sports bets, as a matched bettor you will learn how to tackle casino and bingo offers. unlike the risk free sports bonuses, casino and bingo offer are regarded as risk free, low/medium and high risk.

Let me explain.

Everything we do as a matched bettor is calculated, and if the risks are to high and the house edge isnt on our side we don’t take the offer on.

At Profit accumulator the staff work hard to find the best casino and bingo offers for you, they find these offer using a calculator that works out the expected value of the offer that is run through a simulator, its also know as EV.

What is EV?

You will hear the term ev a lot if your interested in casino offers, but what we like to hear is +EV. This means if a casino offer has a +EV then the offer is worth taking on.  All the factors such as wagering requirement , the bonus awarded and even which slot to play come into what makes an offer +EV or -EV.