Free Money Betting

Free Money Betting – An Insight Into The Different Free Offers Available From Bookmakers

Free money betting is something you may have seen advertised on the TV or the Internet, yet you may have rejected the idea as being too good to be true. Surely there has to be a catch involved, right? Actually, online bookies are offering completely free bets and promotions in order to entice customers to choose their services. Discover more below.

The betting industry is very competitive, and bookies need to do all they can to stand out from the crowd. They do this by offering customers deals that cannot be refused. There are lots of great welcome offers available, and free bets are one of these. There are different ways you may be credited a free bet. The simplest and most popular is bet ‘x’ amount and get ‘y’ amount free: for example, bet £10 and get £30 free. This may be credited as one £30 bet or three £10 bets. Some bookmakers give you a free bet simply for making a deposit, but most will require you to place a qualifying bet. You also have bet bundles, which is a free bet promotion that is deposited in series. For example, they may require you to place a bet, then you will get a free bet, then you have to place another bet, and you will unlock another free bet or several of them. Free bets are a great way to make money betting. But don’t simply blow the bet on something ridiculous in the hope of making thousands. You may as well never have had the free bet to begin with. Instead, try out matched betting, which guarantees a profit. You back all possibilities, and because you have used a free bet, a profit is assured.

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