How Does Matched Betting Work

How Does Matched Betting Work? The Three Loopholes That Make Matched Betting Successful

How does matched betting work? This is something a lot of people wonder! After all, who wouldn’t want to earn some extra cash? The trouble is that when you label something as ‘risk-free’ and ‘profit guaranteed’, people automatically become sceptical. It is deemed ‘too good to be true’. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In short, matched betting works by betting on all outcomes of an event, yet using a free bet for one of them. This guarantees that you turn a profit. There are three loopholes that enable this to happen. The first is the fact that online bookmakers are offering new customers free bets and bonuses in order to entice them to use their service. A lot of bookmakers also offer free bets to existing customers to enhance loyalty. At present, you will find roughly £3,000 to £4,000 of free bets available on the web. The second loophole is that there are betting exchange websites, with Betfair being one of the most popular. These websites make it possible for you to bet against an event happening, which means you can place a wager on all scenarios. In other words, you can place a bet on a football team to win with one bookmaker, and then bet against this happening on the exchange. Thus, you are insuring against any losses when using a free bet. The third loophole is the fact that all profits are tax-free in the UK, as tax law does not deem winnings from gambling as taxable. So anything you make is 100 per cent yours to keep!

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