How To Do Matched Betting

How To Do Matched Betting – How Matched Betting Works

How to do matched betting is something that is regularly searched on the Internet, as more and more people hear about this risk-free approach to making money. Although this is a sure-fire way to turn a profit, a lot of people don’t take up the opportunity because they don’t fully understand it. Discover more below.

This simple matched betting guide breaks things down in a manner that is easy to understand. Firstly, there are two kinds of bets that are required in order for matched betting to be successful. These are a ‘back’ bet and a ‘lay’ bet. The former is when you are betting on a certain outcome to happen, for example, Everton to win at football. If Everton win, you receive your winnings. If Everton draw or lose, your stake is gone. You can place this type of bet via any bookmaker, such as Ladbrokes, Paddy Power or Bet365. A lay bet is when you bet against something happening, for example Everton not winning. If Everton draw or lose, you win the bet. This can only be placed via a betting exchange website like Betfair. Therefore, match betting works because you cancel out the risk on the back bet by betting against yourself at the same odds. You are able to make a profit because you will place your back bet using a free bet offer provided by the online bookmaker. In most cases, you will also need to place a qualifying bet in order to obtain the free bet.

Now you know how to do matched betting, and you are ready to start earning some hard cash. But where do you start? Well, instead of spending hours on end trawling the market for the best free bet offers and looking for the most profitable matched bet, let the experts at Profit Accumulator do the hard work for you.