Match Bet Calculator

Match Bet Calculator – How Much Profit Can You Make?

Match bet calculator solutions are designed to help you find the most profitable match bet. Once you have sourced a great free bet offer, you then need to assess the market to find the best odds. This is can be difficult if you are new to this method, which is why calculators and other online software have been devised.

A lot of people wonder how much profit they can make with matched betting. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You shouldn’t plan to give up your day job just yet. Match betting is a great way to make some extra money, though. This can make life that little bit easier, or you could put the money in savings account for your next holiday, for instance. Most people make around £1,000 per year, if not more. For every matched bet that you place, you should be left with approximately 95 per cent of the free bet amount. Thus, if you received a free bet of £30, you would roughly make around £28.50. This is because betting exchange websites charge a commission on all winnings, which is typically five per cent. Moreover, when you place your qualifying bet, you may make an extremely small loss due to the minute differences regarding the odds on each website. This is completely normal, and as soon as you place your free bet you are going to recoup the tiny bit of money you may have lost. The best way to maximise your profit with matched betting guide is to use a website that gives you the data on what the most profitable matched bets are.

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