Matched Bet Offers

Matched Bet Offers Aren’t Just For New Customers

Matched bet offers are believed by many to only be available to new punters. Thus, once they have used up their ‘new customer’ offer, they think that they are done with that particular bookmaker. They close their account and move onto the next. This is why a lot of people think match betting has an upper limit of potential.

It’s commonly thought that once you have exhausted all of the new customer offers, you can’t make any more money from matched betting, unless a new bookmaker hits the industry, of course. However, this could not be further from the truth, and you are advised to keep your accounts open. Bookmakers want your repeat business. They want you to keep coming back and losing your cash. Therefore, once you have signed up with a bookmaker, they are going to continue to send you promotions and special offers, and you can place your matched bet using these. You will notice that there are even more offers over the weekend when the football is on, and you will receive these either via email or phone, depending on your settings with the bookmaker. Quite frequently, some promotions aren’t worth bothering with; for example, you may have to bet huge sums consistently in exchange for only minor rewards. However, others are more straightforward, such as ‘bet £10, get £10 free’ offers. To receive these offers, you may need to appear like a regular punter, which is easy if you are. What about if you’re not? There are a few things you can do. One example is to bet on your favourite team, as a lot of fans go with their heart over judgement. Place a wager on your favourites in an accumulator, in other words deposit £1 on 6-14 teams with poor odds. This is what a lot of inexperienced regular punters do, after all!

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