Matched Betting Finder

Matched Betting Finder – A Guide To Using One

Matched betting finder solutions are ideal for people who are new to match betting. These websites source the best matched bets for you, and tell you exactly how to place your bets. Below, we will reveal how a typical matched betting website works, although there will be differences from company to company.

With most matched betting solutions, you will be presented with a database. Firstly, you will pick a bookmaker, let’s say Sky Bet. You will then be presented with the most profitable matched bet options for that bookmaker. The best matched betting companies will allow you to rank these bets based on different criteria, with ‘rating’ being the best thing to order the bets by if this option is available. You can also order them based on lay odds, back odds, event time and market type. Once you have selected a bet that you are interested in, you will then use the matched betting calculator to determine how much money you can make. You will enter your stake with the bookmaker, as well as the back odds, lay odds and the lay commission. You will then be presented with your liability, as well as how much you will win if the bookmaker bet wins or the exchange bet wins. At the top of the calculator, you will select qualified, free bet SNR, or free bet SR depending on the nature of the bet. This is the best way to make money betting, as you are not leaving anything to chance.

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