Matched Betting Guide

Matched Betting Guide To Lay Bets

Matched betting guide: such guides often focus solely on how to accomplish matched betting with little or no regard to explaining how and why it works. While these guides will get you started, working a system without understanding it leaves you open to making mistakes without even realising. One of the most crucial aspects of this betting system is the lay bet. If you get this part wrong, then your chances of making any profit reduce significantly. You can avoid this outcome by exploring what a lay bet is, why it is important and what role in all of this the betting exchange plays.

Why Matched Betting Requires A Betting Exchange

Match betting explained through a matched betting guide will often mention the need for access to both an online bookmaker and a betting exchange. You make your normal bet, the bet for the team to win, through the bookmaker. The other bet, the lay bet or bet for the team to lose, is made through the betting exchange. A betting exchange differs from a bookmaker in that rather than betting against the bookmaker, you are betting against other players. This is important for a number of reasons including the fact that it allows you, as the user, to decide on the bets you want to make, including betting against an outcome. With a betting exchange, you don’t need a bookmaker to be willing to back a specific bet. All you need is another site user to think it is worth the gamble. There is also greater freedom in terms of the odds for any specific outcome, as these are set by the markets rather than by a risk averse bookmaker. One of the key match bet tips you will come across is related to setting the odds on your lay bet. These odds need to be set as close as possible to the odds for your normal bet. So if you have placed a bet on team D to win at odds of 4-1, then you want as close to 4-1 as possible on them not winning for your lay bet. Why this is important will be looked at in more detail next.

Why Use A Lay Match Bet Calculator?

Using a match bet calculator is essential in determining whether a bet is worthwhile. It allows you to see how much you stand to make, or to lose, on a bet. A match betting calc is a piece of software into which you can place all the information related to both your main bet and your lay bet. Most also provide you with additional options for the type of stake and the percentage commission taken by the betting exchange. This provides you with the clearest picture possible of all the outcomes. The main types of stakes that you will need to choose between are a qualifying bet; a stake returned free bet; and a stake not returned free bet. A qualifying bet is money you have placed in an online account with a bookmaker in order to unlock a free bet, or other form of financial bonus, from the bookmaker. This may be money that you are less concerned over losing as it is a smaller amount than the bonus you receive; for example, making a £10 bet to receive £30 worth of free bets. Whether or not the stake amount is returned on your free bet will affect the final amount, if that is the bet that comes in. In terms of your lay bet, most betting exchanges charge 5% commission on any winnings. This needs to be deducted from any profit forecast that you are making. Given all of this information, you can see why the odds need to be close for both bets. If there is a large disparity, your chances of making a profit diminish. Companies such as provide such calculators as part of their online service.

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