Matched Betting Tips

Matched Betting Tips – Why You Need To Back First And Lay After

Matched betting tips are widely available on the web for you to take advantage of, and it is a good idea to read up on the subject, either by looking for useful articles or joining a forum. No matter how experienced you are, there is always something new to be learnt.

It is widely claimed that matched betting is risk-free, and this is the case, but only if you do it right. As anything in life, if you make an error, there is a risk. One common mistake that people make when placing a matched bet is laying first and then backing after. This has result in people losing a lot of money, or being in the position of potentially losing a huge sum of cash. There are two ways you can lose money if you take this approach. The first is when the bookmaker’s odds change. How many times have you been looking at what bets to place for the day, and then you look at your betting slip and the odds have changed? This happens all of the time. The bookie needs to limit liability in a rapidly changing market. Once you place your lay bet, if the odds on the bookmaker’s website have fallen, you are going to find yourself in a spot of bother. Moreover, what happens if something goes wrong and you are unable to place the back bet? For example, the bookmakers website is down for maintenance or you have trouble with your Internet connection? If you backed first, you would only lose the free bet. However, if you lay first, you accept the lay risk/liability. Therefore, you won’t just lose your stake; you could lose hundreds if the event does not go your way.

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