Matched Betting Tutorial

Matched Betting Tutorial – Matched Betting Terminology

Matched betting tutorial guides are widely available to help you get started with making a profit. However, if you do not understand the terminology associated with matched betting, you are going to struggle to know what to do. With that being said, read on for the explanation of common terms.

Firstly, let’s begin with ‘matched betting’ itself. This is a strategy whereby you bet on all outcomes of a football match, using a free bet or bonus to bet on a team to win, and then laying the bet on an exchange website. This is a risk-free method of making money. ‘Back bet’ and ‘lay bet’ are two terms you will hear a lot in regards to match betting. The former relates to backing something to happen via a traditional bookmaker, for example on Celtic to beat Rangers. A lay bet is betting against something to happen on a betting exchange website, like Celtic not to beat Rangers, for instance. What is a ‘betting’ exchange? This is a website where people bet on different sporting events against each other. Next, we have ‘qualifying bet’, which is the term used to describe a situation wherein you need to place a bet using your own money in order to unlock the free bet or bonus the bookmaker has offer. ‘Punt’, ‘bet’, ‘wager’, and ‘stake’, all relate to the money that is risked in the hope of gaining; that is, the money you have placed on a bet. Finally, we have ‘stake returned’, which is commonly abbreviated to ‘SR’. This means that the stake you have placed will be returned along with your winnings.

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