Matched Free Bet

Matched Free Bet Terminology Explained

Matched free bet terminology can be a bit confusing to someone that is new to betting. What on earth is an exchange? What does ‘WR’ stand for? No wonder some people get frustrated and quit before they have even started. But there is no need to fret, as we explain the terminology you need to know below.

So, let’s begin with ‘WR’, which actually stands for wager requirements. In most cases, the bookmaker will require you to place a bet in order to unlock their free bet. For example, they may state that you need to ‘bet £10 to get £30 free’. This means that the WR is £10. A betting exchange is the place where you will place your lay bet. This is a bookmaker that gives you the ability to bet against other punters and essentially be your own bookie. On these exchanges, you can bet against something happening. The opposite of this is a ‘back bet’, which is betting on something to occur, like Liverpool to win. You can place these bets at all traditional bookmakers. Another common matched bet term is ‘palp’, which refers to when a bookmaker makes an error and thus cancels any bets placed on those odds. ‘SNR’ stands for stake not returned, and this is common when using your free bets for matched betting. It means that, if you win the bet, the stake will not be returned. When you use your own cash, the stake is always returned.

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