Matched Betting Q&A And Facts

What Is Matched Betting ?

Matched Betting is really easy because we follow instructions and use a system to bet on every outcome of a sporting event. By betting on a win, draw and a loss (for example a football match) we are not gambling because we wont profit or lose any money whatever happens at the final whistle.

This is the clever part: Bookies give millions of free bets away each year to new and existing customers as an inventive to keep you betting with them and Free bets is where we make our guaranteed from.

Bookies run lots of promotions for you to gain these free bets including initial signup bonuses such as bet £50 get a £50 free bet and existing customer promotions such as bet £20 get a £10 free bet including countless more

What bookies don’t know is that we are betting for a football team to win on their site in order to claim this promotional free bet but we are also betting for the same team NOT to win on what is called a bookie exchange. (lots more info on this can be found here) By doing this which is known as backing and laying we’ve qualified ourselves for their free bet, and that is exactly what it is…..A RISK FREE, TAX FREE COMPLETELY FREE BET. We then repeat this process with our free bet on another team to guarantee ourselves profit. Sounds great doesn’t it

Watch this short 2 minute video that explains the basics of matched betting