What Is A Matched Bet

What Is A Matched Bet? A Beginner’s Guide To Matched Betting

What is a matched bet? This is something that a lot of people ponder. They have seen the hype online about it being risk-free betting, but they haven’t got a clue what it is or where to start. If this sounds familiar, don’t fret, as we have set out everything you need to know about match betting below.

Matched betting works by utilising the free bet offers provided by bookmakers in order to guarantee that you will make money betting. You are going to cover all possible outcomes of a game, ensuring that, no matter what occurs, you will make a profit. Thus, no matter whether a team loses, draws, or wins, you will be in profit. To do this, you must start by placing two bets. The first is a back bet with a bookmaker, such as William Hill. You could bet on Leicester City to win, for instance. This is a back bet as you are backing the team to win. Next, you need to place a lay bet on a betting exchange such as Betfair. You are going to bet against Leicester City winning. This is a lay bet, which also covers you if the team draws with the opposition. These two bets are going to cancel each other out. You may be around 3p out of pocket, but don’t worry, as you will make the money back in the next stage. You will now have qualified for the free bet from the bookmakers. Now you are going to repeat the process. However, as you have used a free bet instead of your own cash, you are guaranteed to make a profit.

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