What Is Matched Betting ?

Matched betting is a technique that has been around for many many years that allows on-line punters to profit regardless of the outcome of an event using free bets.

The process of profiting from a free bet is a little confusing at first because we need to open up an account with the bookmaker and another account with an exchange (explained below) in order to cover all outcomes of a sporting event.

You also need to understand some basic matched betting terminology which i will explain below. My advice is start a free trial with Profit Accumulator, get a pen and paper and spend 30 minutes watching all the videos and take notes until you feel comfortable enough to place you first bet.

You can find lots of information if you google “what is matched betting”. The links below are from major news outlets and not only do they all agree it totally works, it’s also tax and risk free and it can work for anyone even those without experience.



the telegraph
the guardian
the huffington post

Sam, who is the godfather of Profit Accumulator explains in the video below how he started out and talks about his inspiration in making a matched betting community for everyone to profit from